Sweet Tunes Checking FAQ


Is there a Service Charge for a Sweet Tunes Checking account?

What are the "Rewards" each monthly qualification cycle for Sweet Tunes Checking?

What do I have to do to get the rewards each qualification cycle?

Is there a Signup Bonus?

Do reimbursements expire?

How do I make my purchases?

How often must the qualifications be met to qualify for the rewards?

What happens if the qualifications for Sweet Tunes Checking are not met?

If I meet the qualifications, when will I receive my rewards?

How will I know that I have qualified for my rewards at the end of the statement cycle?

If I use my Sweet Tunes debit card at an ATM, will that transaction count toward my qualifications?

Is there a minimum balance requirement in order to receive my rewards?

What is the minimum opening deposit for a Sweet Tunes Checking account?

What is the difference between my qualification cycle and statement cycle?

Is Sweet Tunes Checking insured?

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